Major Achievements

Cliant Name Starting Date End Date
Kombolcha Brewery B.G.I 2004 2006

Kombolcha Brewery B.G.I

  • Fabrication and erection of steel structure building, process tanks, utilities etc
Dashen Brewary Danbrew 2005

Dashen Brewary Danbrew

  • Supply and installation of tanks, installation of utilities like electric power and pipe line systems
Ethiopia Airport Enterprise- Kharaffi

Ethiopia Airport Enterprise- Kharaffi

  • Erection of superstructure of the Ethiopian Airport new terminal building
Harar Brewary Jos Hanson GMBH 2006

Harar Brewary Jos Hanson GMBH

  • Assembly and erection of storage tanks, expansion of utilities
JEMA (Plc) 2006

JEMA (Plc)

  • Erection of pre-engineered Building
Electro Commercial Plc 2006

Electro Commercial Plc

  • Erection of pre-engineered Building
Leggio Plc 2006

Leggio Plc

  • Erection of pre-engineered Building
East Africa Bottling Co. 2006

East Africa Bottling Co.

  • Supply & Erection of pre-engineered Building
STAR Soap (Plc) 2007

STAR Soap (Plc)

  • Erection of pre-engineered Building
META Abo Brewary 2005 2006

META Abo Brewary

  • Installing of stainless conical cylindrical tanks, Cooling system Plant, pipelines, motor control centers and power supply system.
META Abo Brewery 2005 2006

META Abo Brewery

  • Erection of machinery and equipment including Cabling Earthing, Test and commissioning of electrical system
    ETC 2004 2005


    • Installation of 50KMS aerial cables, 67KM of underground cables and 250KMS of optical fiber cable
    ETC 2004 2005

    ETCConstruction of outside plant network consisting of cable laying, interconnection with MDF, distribution cabinets, transfer of 10,000 subscribers to the new exchange

    EEPCO 2004 2005


    • Erection of 40MW diesel electric generators and 132KV/15KV, 40MW High Voltage Substation construction for Dire Dawa Power Plant
    ADAMA Development 2007 2008

    ADAMA Development

    • Erection of pre engineered building
    Ethiopia Road Authority 2007 2008

    Ethiopia Road Authority

    • Design & Erection of Truss for Abay River Bridge
    EDNA Mall 2007 2008

    EDNA Mall

    • Supply & Inst. Of passenger Lift
    Ethiopian Airport Enterprise 2008 2009

    Ethiopian Airport Enterprise

    • Maintenance of mechanical & electrical systems
    META Abo Brewery 2007 2008

    META Abo Brewery

    • Supply an Installation of Glycol system & Electrical installation
    Abuare Oil Mils 2008 2009

    Abuare Oil Mils

    • Electro-mechanical installation of edible oil refinery
    Alem Steel plc 2008 2009

    Alem Steel plc

    • Per-engineered building Erection
    National Museum 2008 2009

    National Museum

    • Supply & Inst of Passenger Lift
    Dawit Project 2008 2009

    Dawit Project

    • Supply & Inst of passenger Lift
    Meta Abo Brewery 2009 2010

    Meta Abo Brewery

    • Design , Fabrication & erection of the new Brewhouse steel building
    Krones Meta Abo Brewery 2010 2011

    Krones Meta Abo Brewery

    • Fabrication & erection of the new Brew house machinery
    KBK Chem Engineering 2010 2011

    KBK Chem Engineering

    • Fabrication & erection of Tanks & steel structure for an Ethanol production plant
    B.G.I 2011 2012


    • Fabrication & erection of Brew house machines with electrical system at Awass