Engineering Services: Erection/Installation

  • Complete design and installation for power and lighting systems.
  • Erection of plants, installation of utility systems including electrical and setting up of workshops. Installation of ventilation ducting and air conditioner
  • Plumbing for air water and product transport for industry and public buildings. Acting as main or sub-contractor for supply, fabrication, installation and erection of fuel and product storage tanks. Fabrication, erection of steel structure and cladding, machinery and all associate works for industrial plants, specializing in food processing industries.
  • Sub contractor for Addis Ababa Airport terminal building for all mechanical works, and steel structures which include fire fighting system, sprinklers, sanitary and drainage systems, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, spare frame, steel columns roof cladding, fencing and guard rails erection. Electrical installation works that included high-tension supply lines, supply of electricians for industrial electrification.
  • In the Telecommunication area, SINTEC besides supplying towers, poles, pole and associated accessories undertakes tower erection, underground cable laying including fiber optics cables, aerial stringing and jointing of telephone cables. SINTEC ETHIOPIA carries out independent verification of erected plants, workshops of installed systems. plants, workshops of installed systems.
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